Volume 13, Number 19
20 Feburary 2007

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Career Success Stories on Radio Bilkent

"Kişisel Gelişim Günleri 2007,"organized by CDPC (Career Development and Placement Center) and sponsored by Radio Bilkent and other student clubs, provides students with information to make the right decisions about their careers. Radio Bilkent is inviting many lecturers who are presenting educational information about personal development to share their insights with Radio Bilkent. Last week, interviews with Aylin Coşkunoğlu Nazlıaka, Barbaros Şansal, and Okan Tütüncü gave listeners the opportunity to learn more about the paths that led to their successful careers. This week, the seminars and interviews will continue. Radio Bilkent thanks all of the lecturers participating in "Kişisel Gelişim Günleri 2007."

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