Volume 13, Number 22
13 March

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Hide and Seek

Two weeks ago, I asked people to send me a message that might prompt me to seek them out and feature them in this column. I received the following in my inbox:
"I love to play hide and seek but I hide in the place where I can easily be found, because I love to be the center of attention."

“I believe one sentence is not obligatory
Instead I will write poetry
I am born to be a celebrity
Funny that I study electricity
I get bored of simplicity
Please reward with publicity
Unfortunately I never had a kitty
Yes I know: pity, pity
So pick me up for creativity
And I will grant you with all my sincerity
Search for me in 'sourtimes.org' dictionary
Believe me 'Yiğit Turhan' is no stationary

My guest in this debut column is Yiğit Turhan whose extraordinary email full of rhymes, led me to seek him out and share his story. Yiğit is just 21 years old, and while studying engineering here at Bilkent, he is also writing a novel, Gecenin Çocukları, due to be published in a year. He already has two awards from the novel club Xasiork and the writers of the Metal Fırtına, advised him to write a novel, instead of writing short stories. He has signed a contract with a publisher for 7 more novels. Other creative outlets include his digital artwork online at: http://ytwarhol.deviantart.com   and his weekly book reviews online at: genchaberler.com 

Yiğit's interest in literature began when reading Stephen Kings' books but the reason he writes horror stories is because he has a vast knowledge of the genre, so he plans on writing what hasn't been written before. As a kind of renaissance man, he could have chosen to study literature, architecture or in any other department related to design but in the end, he chose to study Electronics at Bilkent because of his enthusiasm to achieve what others think he may not. As an engineer, he took courses from the departments of GRA, AMER, ECON and others. By studying a somewhat different major for him, he tries to broaden his vision. He says: "Leonardo DaVinci was an engineer too, but most of us know him from his artwork. In order to become a successful artist, you have to know science. That's where the inspiration comes from." Yiğit wants to pursue a master's degree in yet another area but for now concluded by saying "I feel lucky to be a part of the Bilkent community, knowing that I am getting the best education I can ever get in Turkey."

If you want to play the hide and seek game, write a sentence, or sentences, to introduce yourself and email me. Then be a guest of this column.

Gülay Acar (COMD/IV)

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