Volume 13, Number 22
13 March

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Career Fair: Traits of Success!

On the 8th of March, Bilkent News conducted short interviews with a few of the companies participating in the career fair. We asked what characteristics and traits they seek in their employees.
Aslı Tunç (Deloitte/HR): It is not necessary to earn a master's but to have one is a plus. English is a must; also French and German are preferable. We prefer FEASS, IE, CS or any engineering department and MBA graduates.
Ülfet Banu Baykent (Unilever/HR): A master’s is not a must for us. We have a training program for newcomers according to his/her department. English fluency is necessary. Usually, we accept applications from all departments.
Fuat Kır (Club Med/HR): We search for graduates with master's degrees for the management positions. English and French are required languages for us. We don't eliminate applications according to the departments applicants graduated from.
Bahar Ulusal, Aslı Sözer (Johnson&Johnson Medical/HR): A master's is not a must but English is. We also prefer European languages. Applicants are expected to be focused on customer service and results. Graduates from all departments are welcome.
Filiz Tural (Vodafone/HR): We want applicants to be university graduates and a master's is preferable. A second foreign language is also preferable but English is very important. We want applicants to be suited to the position.
Asu Kösebalaban (Aselsan/HR): A master's is not a must for us. We usually hire engineering, management and FEASS graduates. English is a must but any other language is an advantage. (continues)

LAUD Students Travel to Peking to Receive Their Awards

Five fourth year LAUD (Landscape Architecture and Urban Design) students (Harun Ekinoğlu, Sevda Patır, Sevgi Yücesan, Müge Durusu, Gökçe Gerekli) won fifth place in a competition organized by Carleton University in Canada and supported by UNESCO and UIA. The results were announced at the World Urban Forum III in Vancouver, Canada last July. Last month another conference on the Social Sustainability of Historical Cities was held in Peking as a continuation of the World Urban Forum III. At the Peking conference, the winning teams' world exhibition and award ceremony were held. Two members of the Bilkent project team (Harun Ekinoğlu, Sevgi Yücesan) attended the conference in Peking to receive their participation and honorary mention award. The Bilkent team is the first Turkish team to receive an award in this competition.

The main subject of the competition was Historical District Renewal Area and was open to 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students in architecture, city planning, urban geography and sociology from around the world. The competition aimed at gathering students from different disciplines in a team to create interdisciplinary solutions. All of Bilkent team's members were students in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture but they approached the project from different points of views such as sociological, cultural and architectural. Such a multi-faceted approach led to the preparation of a holistic project and their success.

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Turkey’s “Trust by Danone” Finalist is a Bilkent Team

In the final competition of the Danone business simulation held March 3 in Turkey, the Bilkent team (Mehmet Fatih Güven IE/III, Funda Leblebici IE/III, Alp Eren Can IE/III, Özge Özmen IE/III, Bilal Okatan IE/III) was chosen to represent Turkey in Danone's business simulation, “Trust By Danone.”

This is the fourth year of the “Trust by Danone” competition and over 1400 students applied. This simulation has multiple steps and the participants manage an imaginary company at each step. The winning team to represent Bilkent was chosen on February 17 at the Sheraton Hotel Ankara. The Bilkent team won the national competition in İstanbul on March 3rd beating teams from METU, Boğaziçi, İTÜ, Koç and Sabancı universities by presenting their studies to Danone Turkey Managers. Now, the Bilkent team is preparing to represent Bilkent University and Turkey in the World Final as teams from 16 countries will participate in Paris between March 29 and 30. We wish them success!

Yeşim Şağban (IE/III)

Panel on the EU and Elections Hosted

On March 8, Atatürkçü Düşünce Topluluğu organized and hosted a panel with the participation of Prof. Ali Ercan, vice-chairperson of Atatürkçü Düşünce Derneği, and Uluç Gürkan, former vice-president of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

The panel opened with a speech by Burak Çağlar, the chairperson of Atatürkçü Düşünce Topluluğu. Prof. Ercan talked about the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, with comparisons to present-day politics in Turkey. He criticized the lack of a national sense on the way to EU accession. He also talked about March 8 Women's Day, and underlined the social and political rights given to women as early as the 1930’s.

The second speaker was Mr. Uluç Gürkan, who was a long-time member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly both as a governor and a representative. He shared some of his experiences in journalism and politics, and expressed his concerns about the presidential elections, which are to be held in May 2007. He emphasized the powers of the President of the Republic and the relationships between the state institutions, and added that the presidential candidates must be among those who will champion harmony between the institutions. Mr. Gürkan also criticized the current foreign policy in light of Kemalism, and said that the sovereignty of Turkey is very important.

The panel was concluded with questions from the audience, including questions concerning the European Union and Turkey, elections and domestic policies.

Erkan Bayır (MBG/III)

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