Volume 13, Number 22
13 March

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Imagine Cup 2007@Korea Software Design Invitational

Imagine how you would feel if your design solution became reality and changed the lives of millions worldwide by improving their education. Using the Microsoft.NET framework and Windows platform, your challenge is to work in a team of three to four (plus an academic mentor for support) and come up with the most innovative and effective way to enhance people's education.

The Imagine Cup is more than a great opportunity to show off your technology skills to your peers. It's a chance to get up to speed with Microsoft technologies like .NET whilst applying your skills to a 'real-world' problem. Microsoft Turkey gives you this great opportunity by organizing a competition to choose the team to represent Turkey at Imagine Cup 2007.

This year, Imagine Cup 2007 will be held in Seoul, the capital of South Korea with a final prize of $25,000. The theme of this year's competition is "technology enables a better education for all." Apply online at: http://imaginecup.msakademik.net  before March 15. For any questions email: imaginecup@msakademik.net

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