Volume 13, Number 22
13 March 2007

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Interval Training Attracts Hundreds!

The Interval Training program organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center was held at the Student's Dormitory Sports Hall on Tuesday, March 6. The program included aerobics, tai-bo, step and fitness sections. Over 300 participants attended the training which lasted one and a half hours.

The gym was divided into five sections: weight and abs training; step and aerobics; stationary bicycles and rowing machines; and fitness balls, which were introduced this year. The participants, who were divided into four groups, took turns doing each activity for about three minutes. In the last thirty minutes a special tai-bo session was conducted. The program ended with stretching exercises. A round of applause from the participants followed, who immediately went to the back of the court to pick up their rewards: fruit and a Bilkent t-shirt.

The program is only held once a semester, so, until next semester, you might want to consider taking one of the many aerobics and fitness courses offered at the Bilkent sports facilities. For more information please call ext.1993 and 1325.

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