Volume 13, Number 22
13 March

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In the Mood for a Long Walk?

On Sunday, March 18, DOST (Doğa Sporları Topluluğu) is organizing a free trek to Eymir Gölü for all members of the Bilkent community. DOST recommends that everyone take part in this upcoming trek, as such activities are a fun and once in a lifetime experience. Besides, what harm can five to six hours of easy walking through pastures, forests and country paths do? Also, some members of DOST will join the tour with their bicycles and ride from Bilkent's Main Campus to Eymir, so those who are looking for enjoyable bicycle tour are also welcomed.

For further information about trekking and cycling, and how to participate, e-mail DOST at dost@bilkent.edu.tr

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