Volume 13, Number 27
24 April

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News from the Library

Welcome to our new monthly column that will highlight some special activities at the Library! First of all, we would like to mention that the Hürriyet newspaper recently organized a jury of people who use and know libraries very well to nominate the Top 10 Libraries in Turkey. Bilkent Library was the only university library selected. With the help of our library users, we hope that we will continue to be among the best! In May, the Library will host a ceremony to acknowledge the donation of books and periodicals that belonged to the late Turkish author and poet, Cevdet Kudret. We are extremely grateful to Cevdet Kurdet's family for this kind donation. In order to facilitate your studies and research, Bilkent Library is currently hosting a number of trials of online databases. These include "Ebrary Academic Complete" (until April 30, 2007) which contains over 32,000 full-text digital books, as well as "Accounting & Tax with Standards," "ABI/Inform Global," "Safari IT Books Online" and "Safari Business Books Online" (all on trial until May 9). For more details, see our web-site: http://library.bilkent.edu.tr/online.html#dbtrial   We await your feedback and thoughts about these trial databases. Please send your comments to: library@bilkent.edu.tr  And finally, we will also be participating in this week's Bilkent Tulip Days program. In the entrance to the library, there will be exhibition of tulip-related books and also a beautiful tulip collage created by school children. Also, the Library's Art Gallery will host an exhibition of Ottoman art entitled "Lalezar, an Ottoman Garden."

Tijen Gençaslan and Şelale Korkut (Bilkent University Library)


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