Volume 13, Number 27
24 April

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Bilkent Tulip Days
Popping Up

Bilkent University will be hosting the First Bilkent Tulip Days this week between April 24 and 28. Organized by the Bilkent Historical Society and the Bilkent History Department, the aim of Bilkent Tulip Days is to dedicate a week of multidisciplinary activities to the history of the tulip. Throughout Tulip Days, activities relating to the historical, literary and artistic aspects of the tulip will be organized. These are a display of books and an exhibition of traditional Ottoman art with tulip motifs at the Bilkent library, an illustrated overview of the tulip's history organized by the Bilkent History Department and an Ebru workshop. Also at the library, artwork from Bilkent's preschool students will be on display at the entrance of the library's art exhibition hall.

Furthermore, seminars will cover topics such as the introduction of the tulip to Europe, the tulip speculation and the "Tulip Age" in the Ottoman Empire, as well as the tulip in Ottoman art and literature. Moreover, a documentary on the history of the tulip will be shown on campus. A display of both old and new varieties of tulips will serve to brighten up the campus. With this activity the Bilkent Historical society wants to provide students, as well as interested visitors from outside the university, with academic, yet attractive information on the fascinating history of this world-traveling flower.

Nominations for Distinguished
Teaching Award Open

Every year, Bilkent University recognizes the outstanding teaching abilities of its faculty members by awarding the Distinguished Teaching Awards at the graduation ceremonies.

The Senate in its most recent meeting has revised the nomination and selection process. In the revised system, the departments will decide on nominees by seeking letters of support and comments from students, alumni and peers and employing additional objective criteria that they choose. Nominations by departments will be submitted to the Deans and School Directors who will in turn, finalize the nominations with additional letters of support and send the documentation to BilTAC (Bilkent Teaching Awards Committee) for the final selection. BilTAC is comprised of faculty members selected by the Senate and representatives of alumni and students.

All students are strongly encouraged to participate in the nomination process by submitting objective and convincing letters of support on behalf of instructors they consider superior teachers worthy of being honored with such an award.

“Tbilisi State Academy of Arts” Exhibition in Bilkent

Bilkent University is hosting the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts Exhibition, which celebrates its 85th anniversary this year. Works of Georgian artists, including video, photographs, sculptures, murals and paintings, are being exhibited in the Exhibition Hall in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. On April 18, art-lovers were welcomed to the opening reception of the exhibition.

As Nino Tchogoshvili from the Academy stated, the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is a cross-cultural exchange. In 2006, the academy, with support from the State Museum of Ajara, hosted professors' exhibition from Bilkent University. The exhibition at Bilkent is the second stage of this joint exchange project.

Bilkent is pleased to be hosting this exhibition, as it is a significant cultural interaction between two countries. Works created by David Alexidze, Gia Bugadze, Otar Chakvetadze, Levan A. Chogoshvili, Megi Citlidze, Eka Gelovani, Joni Gogiberishvili, Gia Gugushvili, Gia Javelidze, George Kevlishvili, Gia Khutsishvili, Lali Kutateladze, Gogi Lazarishvili, Natalia Nazarishvili, Wato Tsereteli, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Tina Tskhadadze, Tamaz Varvaridze, George Yashvili, Geno Zakaraia, Lali Zambakhidze, and Iliko Zautashvili are on display until April 30.

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Graduation Ceremonies to be Held on June 13

Graduation ceremonies for Bilkent University graduate and undergraduate students will be held on Wednesday, June 13 at the Bilkent ODEON.
Ceremony and rehearsal times for each faculty and school will be announced soon. Please make sure that you arrive at the commencement site at least an hour before the ceremony begins.

Morning Ceremony:
Wednesday, June 13, 10:30 a.m.
Rehearsal: Tuesday, June 12 at 10 a.m.
Afternoon Ceremony:
Wednesday, June 13, 5 p.m.
Rehearsal: Tuesday, June 12 at 2 p.m.

Also, the Registrar's Office would like to remind students that they must pay off their library, traffic and dormitory balances before graduation. Students who do not do so will not receive their diploma at the ceremony.

Graduation Ball Coming Up!

The 2007 Graduation Ball will be held on May 30 and 31 at the Bilkent Hotel's Sakarya Ballroom at 8 p.m., and will feature a live concert by Turkish pop singer Altay.
Wednesday, May 30:
Thursday, May 31:

The ticket price is 110 YTL per person until May 21, and 120 YTL beginning May 21.

Tickets are now available at the Alumni Center in the Student Council Building.
For further information, please contact Ebru Ediz in the Alumni Center at ext. 2236.

MBA Students Develop New Security System

Kadir Kaan Kayabalı and Demirhan Büyüközcü, both MBA Students at Bilkent, have developed new security software that is poised to become a part of security systems in airports, shopping malls, museums and markets. Kayabalı and Büyüközcü who did their undergraduate studies at METU, have developed software that uses image processing technology to detect intrusions to highly secured areas, thefts and abandoned baggage from the camera's point of view.
The software uses a series of filters and algorithms to detect changes in the view, the presence or absence of objects, as well as motion. (continues)

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