Volume 13, Number 27
24 April 2007

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Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu


April 24-27
Spanish and Portuguese Menu

Stuffed Baby Potato Tapas
Lisbon-Style Pan Fried Liver
With roasted bermuda onion and lemon wedge
Andalusian Gazpacho
The classic cold spanish soup served chilled with a variety of garnishes
Artichoke, Smoked Trout and Lettuce Salad
With piquillo pepper dressing
Paella a la Valenciana
The world famous seafood and rice dish
Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken
With peas, sun dried tomatoes, mashed potato and natural jus
Basque Lamb Stew
Braised cubes of lamb served with rice and vegetables
Orange Yogurt Cake
Sweetened cream and blackberry sauce
Spiced Peaches in Crisp Phyllo Pastry
With vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce

Call ext. 5002 for reservations

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