Volume 13, Number 27
24 April 2007

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Mavi Cup Intramural Basketball Tournament

The Mavi Cup basketball tournament was successfully held at the Main Sports Hall between April 17 and 19. Seven universities played in this tournament including Ankara University, Atılım University, Bilkent University, Gazi University, Hacettepe University, METU and TOBB ETÜ.

At the end of the competitive 3-day long tournament, Bilkent University’s basketball team took second place in category ‘B’ while Ankara and Gazi Universities took first place and will have a chance to play in the semifinals in İstanbul.

Kağan Eynak, the coach, stated, "We are very happy with the performance of our Basketball teams (both men and women). They are playing in sync, which is the most important thing for a successful team. Our players displayed a consistently high level of performance during a series of matches played over the course of 3 successive days. Our next aim is to win the Ayva Cup on Tuesday, April 24. If our men's team beats METU that day we will win the cup. So we hope that many more Bilkent students, and other members of the Bilkent community, will come out and cheer our teams on to victory in their remaining Ayva Cup games. As we all know, enthusiastic support can make all the difference to the players on the court!"

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