Volume 14, Number 12
December 11, 2007

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"Clipnoz" Is a Success!

clipnozA team of Bilkent students from the "Innovative Product Design and Development" (GE-402) course have won the the Turkcell Mobile Future Competition, created to encourage innovation and creativity in youth. The winning project is called "Clipnoz" - is an entertainment unit that can be attached to any TV. Users can watch video clips by sending a request via an SMS. They can display personal messages through SMS over the clips. Beyond providing entertainment "Clipnoz" also acts as an advertising medium. Occasionally, ads are inserted between clips, but are timed to avoid being considered annoying.

Competition submissions were to meet five criteria: the project had to improve on an existing service/product or create a new one to provide a customer advantage; it was to improve on an existing business service/product or offer a new idea to give the provider an advantage; there had to be a social benefit; there was a business model component where it was to be shown that the result would reduce costs or offer a more affordable solution; and an academic study using algorithms or a technological solution to make an expensive or technically challenging service/product possible.

Members of the "Innovative Product Design and Development" course team learned to work effectively with colleagues from different disciplines - a must in work life. They also discovered which points are important in presentations and business plans. Fatma Elif Yağlı felt that "the business plan we had prepared according to [the] GE402 lesson requirements was so appropriate to real life, so we were able to send our business plan to competition with only small changes. Also during the lesson we [practiced]…so we were ready for the presentation and the questions [that] might be asked…"

Find out more on the competition and the winning project at: http://mobilgelecek.turkcell.com.tr/kazananprojeler.pdf and http:// ge402.bilkent.edu.tr/five15/public_html/clipnoz.html

Team Members were: Fatma Elif Yağlı, Onur Dağcı, Tolga Şengezer (Electrical and Electronics Engineering); Mehmet Murat Göktuna (Economics); Fırat Sürücü (Computer Engineering); Anıl Şener (Management); and Münür Atasayan (Management).

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