Volume 14, Number 12
December 11, 2007

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Fitness Challenge Awards Handed Out

On December 5, participants who collected at least 120 points during the October 22- December 2 Fitness Challenge 2007 Program, received their awards at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall.

A total of 95 students (55 men and 40 women) took part in this event, and 6 of them (2 men and 4 women) collected 300 points to win their medals.

First Place: Utku Cebecioğlu and Sergey Marguris
Second Place: Mustafa Tanyer and Emrah Turan
Third Place: Şevket Koçansu and Salih Oluç

awards.jpg (14749 bytes)

First Place: Ebru Gürer, Berrin Keyikçelik, Ayda Köksel, and Ayşe Müge Yüksel
Second Place: Setenay Erdoğan
Third Place: Melanie Wolfgang

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