Volume 14, Number 12
December 11, 2007

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The Runaway Sheep

yigit turhan"Isn't everyone just
Traveling down their
own road,
Watching the signs as
they go,
I think I'll follow my heart,
It's a very good place to start"

What are you searching for, passenger? Are you trying to overcome a heartbreak? Or do you wish to accomplish a dream, singing the old tune "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere?" Maybe you are interested in new cultures? Or maybe you're just searching for your way back home. Come closer, Confide in me: what's your motive? Where are you heading?

Hold my hand; we'll be searching for the runaway sheep. It's gone, lost as you know, and the herd is quite worried about him. Allegedly, the wolves have eaten him already, but I know better than that. He left some traces behind; either in order to be found or to be followed. Probably the latter.

turhanHe was last seen in a Smirnoff bar in Berlin. The famous vodka brand, Smirnoff, has set a new trend in night club culture: inflatable cubes resembling ice! There's nothing that sounds more exciting than having fun at a portable night club, is there? When the night falls, the technicians light up all the ice cubes in a titilating array of colors so that it will even appeal to people who just sit in front of their TV's at home. In a few minutes, it creates an awe inspiring ambiance and powerfully pulls everyone to its very "cool" atmosphere.

turhan2I know you might be wondering how Mr. Runaway Sheep reached this night club! Well, I’m not sure, but probably with the super-cool bicycle that is enhanced with hokey- spokes. Those hokey-spokes are the new cool invention of our century! The user can install any type of writing or animation into them then can let the show begin in a very eye-catching manner once the wheels are lit up.

turhan3.jpg (9613 bytes)Another possibility is that our sweet lil' runaway climbed aboard Christian Lacroix's ultra-cool train. In France, in order to increase the usage of trains, Christian Lacroix was given a huge responsibility to change old trains into fashionable dream vehicles. He used edgy purples, pinks, orange and yellows with different types of fabrics, like velvet and cotton, in order to create a "French" atmosphere. I wonder when Cemil İpekçi will stop dressing up the regular sales people on the streets and do something as creative as this? I cannot wait to get myself on a train designed exclusively by either Hussein Çağlayan or Bora Aksu: if we need innovation in design, they'll offer more than enough.

By the way, if you happen to see the Runaway Sheep somewhere on campus, please stop and say hello! Thanks.

Yiğit Turhan (EE/IV)

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