Volume 14, Number 12
December 11, 2007

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alev degimFlying Fingers: A Concert Review

A few weeks ago, I attended a concert of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra featuring guest musician, famed pianist Gülsin Onay. Ms. Onay has studied with some very well known artists, including Mithat Fenmen and Ahmed Adnan Saygun, and has won several awards, the most recent being the the Sevda Cenap And Honor Prize. She is currently the soloist for The Presidency Symphony Orchestra (CSO).

The piece selected for the evening was C. Saint-Saens’ Piano Concerto No.2. It consists of three parts. In the first, the soloist starts off with an almost spontaneous, free form styled melody. As the orchestra begins to add its presence, a very exciting structure begins to appear. From the very first notes there is an almost lyrical quality that becomes notable. The second part is more rhythmic, and a gentle humor makes an appearance. Here, the listener finds themselves in the middle of a cryptic dialog between the piano and the orchestra. The final part of the Concerto is filled with harmonic brightness and happiness.1

gulsin onayGülsin Onay was playing as if her piano was a dance partner. Each flawless note made their way beyond the ears, and into the soul! Her fingers moved with a speed that rendered them nearly invisible, without missing a beat. It was unbelievable and amusing.

The evening was yet another example of the tremendous weekly concerts that are held at our university. Experience them for yourself. I can almost assure that you will find them both interesting and inspiring.

I fare you well for now…

1- Concert leaflet page: 2-6

Alev Deðim (COMD/III)

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