Volume 14, Number 22
April 1, 2008

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hayvan dostlarıThe Friends of Animals Club is Bilkent's first student organization concerned with animals and animal welfare. The main goal is to encourage and develop a positive interaction between humans and other species. As the head of the club, Deniz Çil says, "People don't have to love them, but this does not mean that they have the right to kick them!" When it comes to animal welfare issues, it often becomes easy to doubt humanity, which seems civilized on the surface, but too often treats other beings with little kindness.

It is with these ideas in mind that the club was founded by Bilkent students in November 2006. Since then, it has been involved in many activities, such as arranging trips to 100.Yıl Vivarium, an important shelter for animals that have been abandoned, disabled, injured or just aren't able to survive alone in the streets. To help gain support and understanding, a number of projects are undertaken, including documentary film screenings, raising money at second hand stands and preparing book marks and booklets. Recently, Bekir Çoşkun, who is known for writing about his dog, and is someone with a strong affection towards animals, visited Bilkent. He has a history of backing animal welfare organizations and to help them gain recognition and create awareness. It was a shot in the arm for the Friends of Animals Club.

hayvan dostlarıhayvan dostları
One exciting project put together by the group is a photography exhibition featuring animals, most of which live in the vivarium. Photos were taken by club members. This is yet another opportunity to reach even more people on campus, and remind them of their responsibilities to the environment and the other beings we share it with.

The Friends of Animals Club wants to add more animal lovers to its group and is always looking for new members with creative ideas. If you are interested, visit the clubs yahoo group page at groups.yahoo.com/group/BilkentHayvanDostlari

Sezgi Eser (COMD/III)



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