Volume 14, Number 22
April 1, 2008

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The Harmonization of Sports and Music: Interval Training

intervalThe Student Dormitories Sports Hall was rockin' on March 25, as more than 250 diehards' braved rainy, blustery weather to take part in the Interval Training program, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center. Students, staff and faculty members were all involved in the activities, which were divided into stations: gym ball, flex band, step, dumbbell, bicycles/rowing machines and concept exercises. After these were complete, the day wrapped up with some Tae-Bo. Trainers kept the energy level high and got people moving to the rhythm of the music.

The Interval Training program instructors were Ahsen Küçükdurmaz, Mert Sağlar, Özge Cengiz, Elif Yapıcı, Fatoş Kılıçarslan, Zeki Çelik, Fyrat Bingöl, Murat Duzlupınar and Fatma Öztürk.

Here are some of the participants' opinions on the Interval Training program:

Batuhan Daşçı (ECON/III): "The combination of sport and music made it a lot of fun. It was also a good chance to get relaxed and feel better. Interval training is a fun activity and should definitely be tried once."

Kutluhan Demircan (EE/III): "This program includes lots of stuff. Everybody on campus should join the program. It gives an opportunity to do various sports activities to music for two hours."

Seda Kaya (PHIL/IV): "It was unbelievable to see all these people gathered in a sports hall doing the same poses at the same time. I am so relaxed and happy to lose hundreds of calories."

Giray Kurt (IR/IV): "The program is not only a connection of sports and music, but also a way to connect people."

Mehmet Kök (EE/V): "I participated in this program for the third time. Although I was tired after, I was also relaxed. For me, it's a good way to ease the stress of academic life. Therefore, it should be held more than once a semester."

Tuğba Zeydanlı (ECON/IV)


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