Volume 14, Number 22
April 1, 2008

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GRA Graduates Among Kırmızı Awards

This years Hürriyet Newspaper’s Kırmızı Journal Advertisement Award recipients have been announced, and Bilkent's Graphic Design Department graduates have shown that they have what it takes to sway a customer with their award winning contributions. There was competition in thirty one journal advertisement categories, with five technical fields: short advertisement text, long advertisement text, art director, and illustration and advertisement photographs.


Orkun Demirelli (GRA 95’) won for Best Residence and Property Journal Advertisement in the Creative Director field; Melis Rozental (GRA 02') won in the Art Director category, with the Best Usage of Ancillary Publishing; and Ali Burak Erkan (GRA 98') took the Best Page Usage in Journal Advertisements, also in the area of Art Director.

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