Volume 14, Number 22
April 1, 2008

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This Week

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Prepared by
Ayşe Müge Yüksel (ECON/V) and Gencay K. Evirgen (CS/'06)

Last Week’s Answers:
Solomon and Zechariah

How can you win?
Play the word seek game to the left. Look for the words from the list below. All but two of the words are in the puzzle. Find out which, send a quick email to iletisim@bilkent.edu.tr, and you could win!

puzzle_odul.jpg (8838 bytes)

What can you win?
Send in the 1st email with the correct answer and you’ll enjoy cookies from Famous Amos.

Send in the 2nd email with the correct answer and savour a mouth watering Magellan brunch!

The 3rd and 5th email senders with the correct answer will bowl a game at Roll House.

The lucky senders of the 8th and 13th emails will be throwing darts in a free game at Roll House

And, for the 21st, 34th, 55th, 69th and 74th emails with the correct answer, beverages will be on Starbucks Coffee!


25 places to see before you die

2.San Francisco
5.Las Vegas
8.Grand Canyon National Park
9.New York City
10.Walt Disney World
11.Everglades National Park
12.Niagara Falls
13.Sistine Chapel
15.Statue Of Liberty National Monument
16.Getty Museum
17.Palace of Versailles
18.Pacific Coast Highway
19.Edinburgh Castle
20.Kennedy Space Center
21.Canterbury Cathedral
23.Sydney Opera House
24.Loch Ness
25.Red Rock State Park


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