Volume 14, Number 22
April 1, 2008

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The Runaway Sheep

yigit turhanLove and Cupcakes

Love forgot to put her make-up on that morning, and believe me, it was a sight that you wouldn't wish to see. As a small minority of you out there might know, love is actually hatred in disguise. She is like a plate of Etiforms with whipped cream, but without the sugar top, she tastes worse than a piece of wood. So, as Regina’s love transformed into hatred overnight, she spit out a sentence of boredom: "Honey, this ain't going right. I'm leaving you. I'd rather go out and do some coolhunting than sit here and listen to your bittersweet symphony of silence. We can't even hold a conversation anymore. I am out now. When I get back, all I want to see is... not seeing you."

ch1So she slammed the door, ran down the stairs in her clicking high heels and went shopping. Autumn was at the door and everybody was buying those Rayban Wayfarer's in all kinds of colors. Being a coolhunter though, she was begging to be different! Karen Walker (www.karenwalker.com) came to her immediate rescue, with a wide range of super-futuristic sunglasses that sell big in New York! Regina checked the name of her new collection: "Master of Disguise." Maybe hatred needed one of these as well, and you too, or so Regina thinks.

She stepped out of the shop and decided she just had to get a tattoo because they are, like, really hip this season. On the especially edgy side are these innovative tat's done with "blacklight reactive ink," which just so happens to be visible only after dark. This means she can continue her career as a top executive at the law firm during the day, and at nights turn into a dancing diva with "Only 4 Minutes to Save the World" written on her lower back - more delicious lyrics from the creative oven of the dance floor diva of all divas: Madonna.

ch2Oh, did somebody say oven? That reminded Regina of "Cupcake Momma," a small cupcake firm run by an ultra creative woman in Singapore. If only she had a wireless connection so that she could feast her eyes on all the lusciously lovely cupcake designs at www.cupcake-momma.net.

With no wireless, a growly tummy, and all those delectable cupcakes thousands of kilometers away, doing her no good anyway, she headed to her cosy abode to cook up something deliciously sweet for herself, with the hope that the extra testosterone she left behind had dissipated from the house.

ch3 On the way, a quick call to her grandmother yielded this gorgeous little cupcake recipe:
4 eggs / 1 packet of baking powder /1 packet of vanillin / 2 glasses of milk / 2 glasses of olive oil / 3 glasses of flour /2 glasses of white sugar / 1 glass of raisins and walnuts

Bake the mixture in the oven at 170 celsius for 30 to 40 minutes.

For the icing, use Kremşanti or melted white chocolate in benmari.


Yiğit Turhan (EE/IV)

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