Volume 14, Number 23
April 8, 2008

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IDV Bilkent Private Primary School Holds Spring Conference

idvOn Saturday, March 30, the 2nd Annual Spring Conference was organized and hosted by IDV Bilkent Private Primary School. The event was attended by many teachers from various cities of Turkey. Guest lecturers were writer Emin Özdemir, and child psychiatry expert Prof. Dr. Ferhunde Öktem.

The words of Mr. Özdemir, who has devoted his work to the Turkish language, had a great impact on the audience. Likewise, Dr. Öktem, referring to her own childhood experiences in relation to "cognitive progress," was admired for her ability to communicate personal and professional cases in a clear and effective manner.

During the day, there were three sessions, including a "Branch Teachers' Sharing Hour," made up of forty presentations.

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