Volume 14, Number 23
April 8, 2008

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A Thank You Letter from Kars

The Social Responsibility Center recently received a warm message from Çığrıklı Private School in Kars. This was a school that was able to benefit from the "İnsani Yardım Kampanyası" (Help Humanity Campaign) that ran between January 18 and 25 of this year.

"Greetings! We would like to thank you all very much. The students at Çığrıklı Private School are grateful to all who supported this campaign. Our children are full of hope and enthusiasm because you heard our voice and thrust out a hand.

We are sending photographs showing our happiness in your help. Hope we will meet someday!


Elif Çağlar / Çığrıklı Private School Instructor"

Social Responsibility projects DO make a difference in peoples lives. Any support you give helps. Whether it's donating requested items throughout the year, or giving some of your time, it goes a long way in touching the lives of others.

Dean of Students Office / Social Responsibility Center

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