Volume 14, Number 23
April 8, 2008

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Prefer Organic Food?
You Can Grow Your Own at Bilkent!

organic.jpg (10329 bytes)Name: Organic Paradise Project
Place: Middle Campus
The Gardener: You

The Organic Paradise project was started at Bilkent in 2002. Since then, it has attracted the participation of many people who live on campus. The project offers individuals the opportunity to grow their own food in plots located on Middle Campus. A participant pays only 70 YTL for the use of a 20-square-meter plot for a whole year. Seeds, seedlings and organic fertilizers are available on site. And if you like the idea but don't know much about gardening, Environmental Planning Management Unit staff members are there to help.

New and experienced gardeners alike are welcome to join the program. For more information on how to reserve your garden space, you may contact the Environmental Planning Management Unit at ext. 2257 or 2258.

This spring, why not create your own bit of nature with your own garden!

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