Volume 14, Number 23
April 8, 2008

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A Warning From Bilkent's Graphic Design Department

warningIt's no secret that global warming is a serious problem, with potential to cause unbelievable damage to the environment and our lives. People across the world are trying to find solutions, attempting to tackle the causes, and help prevent what could be a catastrophe. Day by day, it becomes clearer how the earth is being affected. Just 5 years ago, scientists predicted serious consequences arising in the next 30 years if nothing was done. It seems that changes are coming faster than expected. Every day, the news from around the world is of sudden, extreme changes in the weather, melting polar ice, or natural resources being lost by the minute. In this seemingly chaotic period, it is important to educate people about what is going on.

On March 31, Bilkent's Graphic Design Department presented an exhibition at the Siyah & Beyaz Gallery on Kavaklıdere Street, with the goal of alerting people not only about global warming, but environmental issues as a whole. It was also a chance to present possible solutions through visual representations, such as posters, 2D and 3D works, animations, packages, and postcards made this semester by 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Graphic Design students.

Second year student, Ayşe Doğan, tells about one of her works, which focuses on the problem of plastic bags that can last for a thousand years or more in the environment. She says, "My primary goal is to show that it will be better if people use string bags instead of plastic ones for shopping."

Sezgi Eser (COMD/III)

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