Volume 14, Number 27
May 6, 2008

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Spring Run 2008’s Top Rain Soaked Finishers Awarded

runThe 2008 Spring Run, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center, was held on Saturday, May 3. Roughly 160 Bilkent students, staff, administrators, and guests participated. The rainy day didn’t dampen spirits at the annual event.

It started near the lake between east and middle campus at 11am, followed the road in front of dorm buildings 90 and 91, through the FMPA intersection and then on to the finish line at the Main Campus Sports Hall. The course covered 4.5 km. After completion of the run, trophies were awarded in each category.

The top finishers were as follows:

Women's Overall:
Sinem Ünlü

Men's Overall:
Edward McCarthy

Men 11-15:
Kaan Taşkın
Mete Turgut
Ege Beşik

Women 16-24:
Sinem Ünlü
Merve Gürel
Esra Yıldırım

Men 16-24:
Edward McCarthy
Erhan Doğaner
Emre Akşit

Women 25-34:
Esra Doğramacı
Berrin Keyik Çelik
Gülşen Kaya

Men 25-34:
Halis Saygı
Özgün Balaban
Valery Markra


Men 35-44:
Taner Yiğit
Cemal Yavuz
Robert Tim

Women 45-54:
Nermin Fenmen
Beytiye Tuncer

Men 45-54:
Hakkı Genç
Cengiz Yakıcıer

Men 55-59:
Bernard Pfister

İsmigül Yaman
Şerife Engin
Gülay Turgut

Can Deniz Güngörmüş
İbrahim Balcı
Doğan Altay


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