Volume 14, Number 27
May 6, 2008

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Fun in the Sun at
Spring Fest 2008!

spring fest

Just as in past years, Spring Fest is coming to campus to celebrate the end of the semester and welcome the summer holiday. During the three day period (May 8-9-10), activities will be held for students on the grass field between the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Bilkent ODEON,
and the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences. Each day, there will be parties, concerts, performances, exhibitions, movies, cartoons and other activities for you to enjoy.

A partial list of the activities are as follows:
Thursday, May 8
12:30 p.m.: Opening Ceremony, Dance Show
1 p.m.: Tournament / Volleyball
2:30 p.m.: Concert / Rock'n Roll, Group Echoes
4:30 p.m.: Animation Show / Seto No Hanayome
9:30 p.m: Concert / Kenan Do?ulu
Friday, May 9
12 p.m.: Jongleur Show
12:30 p.m.: Tournament / Chess
2 p.m.: Dance Show / Hakas Dance Show
4 p.m.: Aerobics / Master Class
5 p.m.: Dance Show / Latin Dance-Arjantin Tango
8 p.m.: Concert / Emre Aydyn
Saturday, May 10
12 p.m.: Illusion Show
12:30 p.m.: Concert / Percussion Show
3 p.m.: Play / "Tatar Desert"
6 p.m.: Dance Show / Latin and HipHop
8 p.m.: Radio Bilkent On Air Party

• Please see the full list of activities and locations in the Spring Fest flyer or http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/baharsenligi

Halman’s Collection of Poems Published

talat halman
The complete poetry of Prof. Talat Halman, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters, has been released by Türkiye İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları. The 510 page volume contains Halman's poems, written since the early 1950's. Included are his long poems, 478 quatrains, 83 three-line, 530 two-line, and close to 1200 one-line aphoristic poems. The book's final section features several dozen poems, written in English, which were originally published in the United States and Canada.

Fourth Journal of Turkish Literature Published

jtlIssue number four of the "Journal of Turkish Literature," published annually by the Center for Turkish Literature, has just been released. It is a particularly fascinating issue which features, in addition to several major articles, the never before published correspondence between Nazım Hikmet and his first English translator, Nermin Mouvafac (Menemencioğlu).

The cover illustration is a Nazım Hikmet portrait by Abidin Dino. The special feature entitled "Earliest Nazım Hikmet Translations in English" includes a number of pieces by David Cohen, Samuel Sillen, and Nilüfer Mizanoğlu Reddy. The section is introduced by Nermin Mouvafac's son, Osman Streater. JTL 4 also reproduces the first English-language article on Nazım Hikmet, written by Nermin Mouvafac, and published in the US magazine "The Bookman," in 1932.

The new issue contains articles by Prof. Christine Woodhead on Ottoman letter-writing; Barry Tharaud on Yaşar Kemal; and Çimen Günay-Erkol on Melih Cevdet Anday.

You can email temerkez@bilkent.edu.tr to find out more.

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Hearts Travel along Railway Lines

The "Railway Lines Support Project" (Demiryolu Hattı Destek Projesi), a branch of the Bilkent University Social Awareness Projects, was held in Balışeyh, Kırıkkale at the Şehit Sezai Ergül Primary School, April 25 through 27. Thirty four volunteers took part, and stayed in a train procured by TCDD (Turkish State Railways) over the 3 days.

The students had a great time at a children's festival, organized by the volunteers. It was filled with happiness and joy and will probably be remembered for the rest of their lives. It was a chance for them to take part in a variety of activities, such as Ebru art, model plane making, a rhythm workshop, and clay ceramics!

Along with all of the fun, the project was able to establish a new library and stock it with donated books, as well as computers, printers, a photocopier and more. On the final day, kids were entertained with folk dancing, performed by the Bilkent University Folk Dances Group and, capoeira, by the Paranauê Capoeira Group.

When it was time to say farewell, the tears of the children and the volunteers were a sign of the unforgettable moments they had experienced.

Cengiz Arslan (EE/IV)

The Hall Will Soon Grow Quiet, Enjoy While You Can!

With the end of the semester looming, the curtain must fall on another season of Bilkent Symphony Orchestra performances. Take advantage of your final opportunities of the year to visit the Bilkent Concert Hall, and enjoy a wonderful late spring Saturday night out!

Saturday, May 10 at 8 p.m.
Bilkent Concert Hall
Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Rengim Gökmen
Violin: Cihat Aşkın
K. Goldmark | Concerto for Violin in A minor Op. 28
R. Schumann | Symphony No.1 "Spring" in B flat major Op. 38

Saturday, May 17 at 8 p.m.
Bilkent Concert Hall
Season Closing Concert
Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Emil Tabakov

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