Volume 14, Number 27
May 6, 2008

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Prepare to Have Your Brain TEASED!

ieeeThe dialog below takes place between a chemist and a traveler. To win one of three prizes, all you have to do is decipher the hidden meaning behind the dialog and find out which Turkish city the traveler is going to!

Chemist: I've heard that you will be traveling for 145 days. I believe the second will be most important.
Traveler: Actually, I was thinking of lowering it to 23. You know, one should care about the first.
Chemist: I see. You might want to visit 134. I'm sure the last one will be of significance.
Traveler: I was thinking of 176. One cannot deny the importance of the first.
Chemist: Don't forget to take 132 with you. I need not say anything else.
Traveler: Oh, yes. I will, after I stop by at 106. You know, what comes second is important.
Chemist: Have a nice trip.
Traveler: Thank you.

Please send your answers to zeka.bilkentieee@gmail.com. Don't forget to provide explanations! For more information, visit www.bilkentieee.com/zeka

Final date for submissions is May 11! Good luck!

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