Volume 14, Number 29
May 21, 2008

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King of the Mountain!

erkErkut Yiğit (THM/IV) represented Bilkent in the Inter-University Mountain Biking Championship which was held on May 8 in İzmit. Yiğit took fifth place in the race where 24 representative racers from different universities attended. The race course was 2900 meters over 8 laps, including a long uphill and a rocky downhill. The event was organized by Kocaeli University and referees from the Turkish Cycling Federation. Yiğit received a plaque and a certificate from the General Directorate of Youth and Sports.

In his words, "After an exhausting day, mountain biking is the only way of escaping from the daily routine for me. Last year, I started mountain bike racing and I have attended more than twenty races."

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