Volume 14, Number 29
May 21, 2008

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Industrial Engineering Senior Projects Compete at Project Fair


The Industrial Engineering Project Fair and Competition took place on Friday, May 16, in the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. Fourth year IE students were required to develop an implementable project in cooperation with corporate sponsors. These projects introduce students to the issues faced by the Turkish industrial sector. Among the guests were Minister of Industry and Trade, Zafer Çağlayan, and Ankara Chamber of Industry Chairman, Nurettin Özdebir. (continues)

Graduation Ceremonies to be Held on June 17


Graduation ceremonies for Bilkent University graduate and undergraduate students will be held on Tuesday, June 17 at the Bilkent ODEON.

Please make sure that you arrive at the commencement site at least an hour before the ceremony begins.

Morning Ceremony:
Tuesday, June 17, 10:30 a.m.
Monday, June 16 at 10 a.m.
Graduate School of Education + Institute of Engineering and Science, Faculty of Education, FS, FADA, LAW, FHL, FE, SAL

Afternoon Ceremony:
Tuesday, June 17, 5 p.m.
Monday, June 16, 2 p.m.
MBA + Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, FEASS, FBA, FMPA, VSCTOM, VSEL, VSTHM, SATM

For the Love of Ottoman Literature: An Interview with Robert Dankoff


With an enviable list of journal entries, books and reviews to his name, Robert Dankoff, Professor of Turkish and Islamic Studies Emeritus at the University of Chicago, has proven to be a premier specialist in Ottoman literature. Currently, he is a guest lecturer at Bilkent University where Bilkent News had a chance to talk to him.

A Happy 20th Anniversary Celebrated!

The Tourism and Hotel Management Departments of the School of Applied Technology and Management, and Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Services, celebrated their 20th anniversaries this year. The Tourism and Hotel Services Department two year program was founded in 1987, while the Tourism and Hotel Management Department four year program was founded in 1988. The Departments invited all past and current fulltime and parttime instructors to a May 9 luncheon at their practice restaurant, Le Piment Rouge, to pay tribute to the commendable contributions of their faculty. A special menu was prepared and served by the students of both departments, under the supervision of their instructors.

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Alumni Meet for Homecoming Picnic


Alumni, graduating students, current students, and academic and administrative personnel are all invited to attend the annual Alumni Homecoming, organized by the Alumni Center. The traditional get-together will be held in the Main Campus lawn area, June 1, from 1 p.m. on. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. The day's activities will include games, sports, a Radio Bilkent broadcast and a dance show.

The Alumni Center hopes to see you at this event!

Note: Sorry, pets are not allowed in the lawn area.

Current TDP Leaders Hand Over Their Responsibilities


Leadership of the Social Awareness Projects (TDP) has been handed over to a new group of volunteers. During a ceremony held on May 15, the previous coordinator, Umut Kaya (PHYS/II), talked about some of TDP's activities and accomplishments of the last academic year. Some of these included a knowledge contest and ÇocukFest, organized by the Voluntary Education Project; a visit to Feza Gürsoy organized by the Computer Education Project; and Global Warming days, conducted by the Community Project. In 2007 and 2008, TDP also developed a new refugee project called "Umudun Yurttaşları Projesi." Umut pointed out that the organizations target group is children, teenagers and seniors. Volunteers worked to help young people have self-respect, and become aware of who they are, and their abilities as individuals. This not only helps the kids personally, but assists in creating a more self-confident society. After Umut spoke, Dean of the Students, Perin Öztin, thanked the volunteers for their performance and introduced the new coordinator, Ernoyan Çavdar (MATH/III).

Ernoyan expressed his feelings about his upcoming duties and the new projects of TDP in the next year, saying he’s glad to be the new coordinator. As he noted, next year is significant as it is the tenth anniversary of the organization. Therefore, they'll try to develop even more new ideas and projects. He is sure the TDP will continue to be successful with the help of returning volunteers and newcomers.

Tuğba Zeydanlı (ECON/IV)

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