Volume 14, Number 05
October 16, 2007

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Bilkenters Can Help Conserve Water

The water issue in Ankara has been a great concern for a number of months now. Over the summer, some areas of the city were without water for several days at a time, partly due to a pipeline burst. Buildings with water tanks were less affected, but those without private reservoirs had a difficult time.

Rumors are rampant as to what could happen in the coming months. Some will say that Ankara has 40 days of water left. Someone else might provide a different answer. Furthermore, there are news stories about how people are falling ill, possibly because of the water situation.

ramiz akgün

In the event of a complete water shortage, what will happen here on campus? Bilkent is a massive campus with thousands of students and faculty members. To find out more on the how the university is prepared, Bilkent News interviewed Ramiz Akgün, Manager of the Construction and Maintenance: (continues)

Judges Ready to Hammer Down!

bilkent judgesThe Judges are pumped up and ready to take the American Football championship! The team has started preparing for the new season, with their first meeting taking place October 2. I had the opportunity to interview offense captain Oğuz Karataş (IAED), and Demirhan Öztürk (PS). They explained the issues with the previous regulations for American Football teams and the changes that have been made.

In the past two years, the Judges were playing against pro teams with players that were much older and had already graduated. This definitely had an impact on the outcome of games. As Oğuz stated, The Judges could lead the game for the first two periods, but they couldn't keep the momentum going through because they were not as experienced as the opponents. (continues)

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What a Country! What an Exhibition!
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The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture is proud to present "What a Country!" a collection of works by famed Israeli cartoonist Michel Kichka- the creator of comic strips, advertising and political cartoons. His work focuses primarily on current events in the Middle East, and has caught the eye of enthusiasts from around the world.

The grand opening of the exhibit takes place October 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the Bilkent University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture exhibition hall. It promises to be a great event, and Kichka's works are sure to get a chuckle or two, and spawn some interesting, topical conversations.

For a glimpse into the mind of a great satirist, editorialist and artist, check out "What a Country!" from October 24 to November 1, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. For more information, please contact curator Edyta Michalska at edyta@bilkent.edu.tr

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