Volume 15, Number 10
November 25, 2008

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First Win of the Season: Judges 12 - Cats 8

It was obvious that Judges were determined to win on Sunday afternoon at Bilkent University Main Campus Grass Field. So, they started the game with rapid and controlled attacks in the first quarter.With solid passes in the attack organization, Judges easily distributed the ball between attacking players and managed to score a field goal early in the game: 3-0. After the change of possession, Judges handled Cats' attacks very well however failed in advancing the ball in the last minutes of first quarter.

Second quarter started with controlled game of Judges. Later in the second quarter, Judges lost their concentration just for a little while and this enabled Cats to earn 6 points from a touchdown with a solid 80 yard run. After this, Cats passed the ball to the end zone and scored two extra points from conversation. Judges quickly recovered from this loss with two long runs but when they failed to turn these runs into points, first half ended with the score of 3-8.

Judges started second half with such a great motivation that they simply overpowered Ankara Cats. In the first minutes of third quarter, Judges scored a safety and reduced the gap to three points. The efforts in second half resulted in first win of season in the opening game with the score of 12-8.

Judges' motivation and second half performance were marvelous and when combined with support from Bilkent fans, Judges achieved their first league win. This was the first game of the season we should keep supporting our team.

Barış Can Kayaalp (ECON/II)
Candost Volkan (IE/III)

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