Volume 15, Number 10
November 25, 2008

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New Student Council Executive Committee Elected November 20!

The Student Council Elections were completed on November 20, and a new Executive Committee is ready to take office. The outgoing members will hand their responsibilities over to their successors soon.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish the newly elected members an eventful and productive year.

Cellists from Bilkent University Awarded in Croatia

Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Music Preparation School students Doğuş Ergin and Cansın Kara have returned from the 7th Antonio Janigro International Cello Competition, held in Croatia between October 24 and 29, with awards. The competition, which consists of four categories, was open to musicians under the age of twenty, with attendees coming from around the world. The jury was made up of Umberto Clerici, Emma Ferrand, Milan Hudnik, Heidi Litschauer and it was chaired by Dobrila Berkovic Magdalenic.

Cansın Kara, age 13, came third out of 18 participants in the category two competition for contestants born between 1994 and 1996. Category three, for musicians born between 1991 and 1993, had 28 participants, with 15 year old Doğuş Ergin receiving the Special Jury Award,a bow, handmade by Renato Gonski. Both Cansın and Doğuş have been accepted into jury member and expert cellist Umberto Clerici's Masterclasses.

Both participants are still successfully continuing their studies with Kara Aliyev in Bilkent University's Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Music Preparation School.

Discovering Kars with DocuTravel


Students from the Department of Communication and Design attended a weeklong documentary workshop, from November 6 to 13, in Kars. The event was organized in co-operation with Bilkent University and the "Festival on Wheels."

A documentary shot by Bilkent, Gazi and Middle East Technical University students, entitled "Federal," was screened at the Festival's closing ceremony. The film was highly praised by festival participants and has been invited to some international festivals.

Alev Değim (COMD IV), Pınar İstek (COMD IV) and Sezgi Eser (COMD IV) joined young film students from Armenia, Georgia and the Ukraine for an intensive one-week program of documentary filmmaking.

A brainchild of Bilkent's Communication and Design program, DocuTravel emphasizes the importance of documentary as a narrative form and cross-cultural exploration. During the workshop, students planned, wrote, shot (using digital cameras), edited and produced six short documentary films on the city of Kars within one week. Participants were also introduced to new trends in documentary filmmaking. Themes included: city, people, culture and heritage.

DocuTravel is a unique program that gives opportunity to share experiences between students from different countries, while exploring the power of documentary and the city of Kars.

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Halman Receives Ankara International Theater Festival's Award

The 13th International Ankara Theater Festival presented its Service Award to Talat Halman, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters, at a ceremony held at the Opera House in downtown Ankara, Friday, November 14th. It was given in recognition of Halman's contributions to the growth of theater in Turkey and his efforts to make Turkish dramatic works better known in the English-speaking world. At the ceremony, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay, presented the award to Prof. Halman.

In his acceptance speech, Halman paid tribute to the impressive vitality of drama in Turkey and observed that, "having watched hundreds of productions in dozens of countries, I feel extremely happy that innumerable Turkish productions of foreign plays were superior to those in other countries."
Previously, Halman won two other theatre awards for his Turkish translations of "Dear Liar" (Jerome Kilty's dramatization of the correspondence between George Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell), and Eugene O'Neill's celebrated play, "The Iceman Cometh."

Art of Cyrillic Alphabet


An extraordinary exhibition took place last week in the Fine Arts Gallery. Thirty reproductions of paintings representing Bulgaria's Cyrillic alphabet, a part of that country's national heritage, were the focus. Created in 865 A.D. by two brothers, Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius of Thessaloniki, these letters allowed the Medieval Bulgarian State to spread its cultural influence throughout the Slavonic world in Europe, encouraging people to read and write in their own language.
At the exhibit opening, the Bulgarian ambassador stated that, "As Bulgarian's, we are very proud to have preserved our alphabet for generations. We consider this to be our most important contribution to European culture and civilization. After becoming the member of European Union in January 2007, the Cyrillic alphabet became an official script of the European Union. This is also very important. I also take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Bilkent University, Ms. Edyta Michalska, Mr. Mihalski, Mina Öztürk, Maya Öztürk (IAEE) and Andreas Treske (Chair of COMD) and everyone who helped make this exhibition come true."

The gallery was filled with color, and the characteristics of the Cyrillic alphabet took center stage. The shy and round "O" was depicted on a black background with slight slashes in yellow, while the "E" was put on canvas behind a blue curtain, as if hiding. Along with the reproductions, there was an interactive projection of the letters in the order of the alphabet.

Alev Değim (COMD/IV)

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