Volume 15, Number 22
March 31, 2009

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Action Packed Week of B-Ball Ends In Glory

The Inter-University Category "C" Basketball Tournament was held at Bilkent University's Main Campus Sports Hall, March 17 to 21. In the men's division, Bilkent, Başkent, Ankara, Middle East Technical, and Karaelmas Universities, along with Polis Akademisi, Kara Harp Okulu and GATA, all participated. Women's teams came from Bilkent, Middle East Technical, Atılım, Başkent and Ahi Evran Universities.

The Bilkent Men's team started the tournament very well by winning against Karaelmas with a score of 73 to 54, and Polis Akademisi with 77 to 55. Their only loss in the elimination group was against Ankara University, 65 to 81, which put them in the second slot for the semi-finals. The winning streak ended with a very unfortunate 1-point-loss against METU, and a final score of 66 to 67. The tough luck continued in the game to determine 3rd place, when they lost against Kara Harp Okulu, 55 to 58. In the end, the Bilkent Men's team finished the tournament in 4th. After the games,  Bilkent’s men's coach Kağan Eynak said that despite the hard luck, the tournament went very well for them. He stated that the narrow loss against METU ruined their plans to advance to Category "B," however they will work hard to achieve their goal next year.

On the other side, the women proved unbeatable, winning all of their matches and being crowned champions. They easily won against Ahi Evran in the first game with a score of 79 to 41 before putting away METU with a considerable gap: 79 to 56. Atılım didn't have what was needed to end Bilkent's winning streak, losing with a score of 87 to 36. In the final game, Bilkent beat Başkent, 53 to 44. Being crowned champions has secured their place in next year's Category "B" tournament. Dr. Alper Uğraş and Selvin Çiçek stated that the tournament was a great success considering there were lots of dominant teams in their category. They promised to continue this winning streak and said that their success will be permanent. Their goal is to accomplish even higher targets in the future. They also stated that they need the support of the Bilkent Community for the upcoming Ayv 2a Cup finals to help them perpetuate this success.

Barış Can Kayaalp (ECON/II)
Candost Volkan (IE/III)

Overall Results in Category “C” Tournament

Women's Basketball
Bilkent - Ahi Evran: 79 - 41
METU - Bilkent: 56 -79
Atılım - Bilkent: 36 - 87
Bilkent - Başkent: 53 - 44

Men's Basketball
Bilkent - Karaelmas: 73 - 54
Bilkent - Ankara: 65 - 81
Bilkent - Polis Akademisi: 77 - 55
METU - Bilkent: 67 - 66
Bilkent - Kara Harp Okulu: 55 - 58 

Bilkent Women's Team Members:
İlke Şen (MBG) (Captain)
Ece Akıncı (FE)
Duygu Turen (IAED)
Seçil Erbil (ECON)
Aybüke Tüzmen (MAN)
Azer A. Açıkgöz (MBG)
Tilbe Saltan (CTIS)
Ayşegül Altaç (ECON)
İrem Akkarpat (PSYCH)
Hande Azgür (MAN)
Büşra Cömert (LAW)
Hande Yapıcı (IE)
Gözde Barım (CHEM)
Pınar Onat (CHEM)
Gizem Aksoy (CTIS)
Elif Menemencioğlu (SAL)
Başar Kutlu (MAN)

Bilkent Men's Team Members:
Serter Soner (COMD)
Mehmet Buğra Balaban (EE)
Yusuf Emrah Albayrak (LAW)bb
Başar Kıranğ (THM)
Doğukan Özer (THS)
Onur Ünsal (TRIN)
Tunca Patır (MAN)
Borga Doğa Cüceloğlu (MAN)
Deniz Arseven (ECON)
Barış Durgun (ECON)
Kadir Can (ECON)
Behiç Buğra Bacanlı (IF)
Mustafa Namoğlu (CTIS)
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