Volume 15, Number 22
March 31, 2009

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Hoca Bey Turns 94!

Professor İhsan Doğramacı turns 94 on April 3, 2009. We wish Hoca Bey many happy returns for his birthday!

Best Television Commercials of the Year Voted on by Bilkent Students

After editing the content from the “Best Marketing Projects of 2007” contest, the Bilkent Marketing and Advertising Club developed a new project to determine the best TV commercials of 2008. With the permission of the companies, Bilkent students were given the opportunity to vote for their favorites from a list of some of the most popular ads of the past year. After four months of preparation, eighteen TV commercials in seven categories were chosen for the “Best TV Commercials of 2008” contest. Approximately 10,000 votes were collected in one month. Voters were also given a chance to win some great prizes.

The winners in each category were awarded on March 11 at a ceremony held at the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. Along with high level managers representing the companies involved, pop star, Mustafa Sandal, also attended the ceremony. The award winners were as follows:

Communication Category: A-TEL Pazarlama ve Servis Hizmetleri A.Ş. Banka, with the commercial Muhabbet Kart - Her Yöne 1 Kontör.
Banking-Insurance-Finance Category: Anadolu Anonim Türk Sigorta Şirketi, with the commercial Anadolu Sigorta - Konut Sigortası, creative agency: TBWA-İstanbul
Food Category: Erikli Su ve Meşrubat San. Ve Tic A.Ş, with the commercial Erikli - Eve Servis, creative agency: Alice BBDO.
Household Goods Category: Eczacıbaşı Girişim Pazarlama A.Ş, with the commercial Detan - Sinekkıran, creative agency: RPM Radar.
Automobile Category: Doğuş Otomotiv, with the commercial “Volkswagen Passat Variant,” creative agency: Medina Turgul DDB.
Media Category: Hürriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaacılık A.Ş., with the commercial Hürriyet - Hoşgeldin Bebek.
Social Responsibility and Communal Sensitivity Category: Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş., with the commercial Turkcell - Gönül Köprüsü, creative agency: Alameti Farika.

Erzurum Köşesi : On-Air with 3D Television Tonight on TRT-2

The sixth episode of  Erzurum Köşesi, a program featuring science and music at the Bilkent high school in Erzurum, will be broadcast tonight on TRT-2 at 11:30 p.m. The program has so far hosted, Beethoven's 3rd piano concerto by the BSO, Biret and Tabakov, Stravinsky's Firebird Suite 1919 by the Turkish Greek Youth Orchestra conducted by Ashkenazy and Prof. Ekmel Özbay's presentation "Invisibility Cloak" and Bach by İdil Biret.

This TV show does not just present the concert or lecture. Students from the Bilkent Erzurum High School get together with the artists or scientists for Q&A sessions. Works of music that are to be performed or topics of science presented are explored in length, thus giving the TV audience more insight. The audience is also welcome to participate with questions and comments via the program's e-mail address erzurum@bilkent.edu.tr

Tonight's program will feature three-dimensional television. Erzurum students will get together with Prof. Levent Onural to explore the inner workings and the underlying technology associated with 3D Television. Highlights of the discussion will include issues such as the basics of 3DTV, related historical developments, current state-of-the-art and future projections. Current research issues and activities will be high-lighted.

Experts from England, the Netherlands and Germany will join and present their research activities in the field, along with their vision.

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Spring Fest 2009 is Just Around the Corner!

The event every Bilkenter looks forward to from the very first day of school is almost here! It's the annual Spring Fest, and it's coming, May 7, 8 and 9!
Just imagine - the sun on your face, great music, chilling and relaxing with good friends, and of course, the aroma of delicious food wafting through the air!
Indeed, it is a wonderful experience!
For three fun filled days, Spring Fest 2009 will take over the grass field between the FMPA and FEASS building, as well as the Odeon. It will be the place to be seen, the place to enjoy spring, and the place to have  a great time!

Note: Pitching tents on the grass will not be allowed because of security and health issues.

Spring Festival Organization Committee

KİT Gives Students the Opportunity to Talk with Coach Bülent Uygun from Sivasspor

bulent uygun

Bülent Uygun, the coach of Sivasspor, the current leaders in the Turkcell Super League football championships, was hosted by KİT (The Culture and Communications Club) on March 23. He addressed students, talking mostly about Sivasspor's great success since they advanced to the Turkcell Super League. He said that “the most significant reasons for this success is the system, team spirit, and ambition that not only Sivasspor has, but also all of the people in Sivas have.” He added that the people of Sivas have a belief that they can become the champions of the league.

When he was asked which “number 10” player is best at the moment between Alex, Lincoln and Delgado -from FB, GS, and BJK football clubs respectively- he said “Alex is better than Lincoln and Delgado; however, Hagi has been the greatest number 10 player so far in Turkey.”

bulent uygun

He also spoke about working with  Hakan Şükür to establish a developmental program for referees. His other aims are to construct a nursing home and a multi-purpose sports center in Sivas, but his biggest dream is to win an international tournament as the coach of the Turkish national team. Several times, Fenerbahçe fans expressed their desire to see Bülent Uygun as the Coach of their team. His response: İnşallah! After delivering his speech, he headed off to İzmir to undergo surgery.

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