Volume 15, Number 24
April 14, 2009

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Bilkent Alumni Receives Dow Sustainability Innovation Challenge Prize

can bayramBilkent 2005 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Alumni, Can Bayram has been selected as a winner by The Northwestern Institute for Sustainable Practices in the 2009 Dow Sustainability Innovation Challenge, recognizing his research contributing to global sustainability. The challenge is a new initiative by The Dow Chemical Company Foundation to acknowledge exceptional work by students engaged in ongoing scientific, technical or social research to develop innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to meet human needs while protecting the environment, promoting economic growth and achieving social welfare. Can has been awarded for his creative work in developing high quality, energy efficient green light emitting diodes, under the supervision of his advisor Prof. Manijeh Razeghi of Northwestern University.

He has been working towards his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the Center for Quantum Devices at Northwestern University since then. "Based on the strong foundation of my scientific education at Izmir Science High School and Bilkent University, I am delighted that my dedicated research efforts are being recognized with this prestigious award. I will allocate the $10,000 award as seed money for my early research career on solid state lighting and solar cell research." Can stated.

The official award ceremony will be held on May 1 at Northwestern University. An event to recognize prize winners from Northwestern, Cambridge, Peking, Tufts, Michigan and Sao Paolo is scheduled for October to take place in Michigan.

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