Volume 15, Number 24
April 14, 2009

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The Magic of Manhattan: New York Reframed

Photographer Hakan Yurdadoğan, instructor in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, frames the city of New York in such a delightful way that huge buildings turn into a symphony of light and shade, steel and glass.  The loving light of the evening or afternoon softens the sharpness, the breath taking reflections create optical illusions and the city wakes from its dream and almost shows off its beauty to the world. The buildings and sculptures display their grace in front of the camera and tell everyone that this place is magical.

Hakan Yurdadoğan's photographic journey started when he was only six years old. He began with a small camera, continuously taking pictures of his surroundings. After the 1970's he began taking photography more seriously, taking pictures with an analog camera even after digital was introduced; printing his own photographs in black and white. But, in the end, he says, he gave in to digital technology.

When we start talking about New York, he is filled with excitement. While showing me some of his photographs, he says, “New York has magic unto itself. It is impossible to tell this in words, you can only show it.  I tried to capture what I felt when I was walking on the streets of the city.”

“The light is very important.” he says, "Especially for a photographer. You can see that I positioned the buildings in such a way that they are like sculptures. The afternoon sun flows through strings of golden color on the buildings and I captured that. The glass and steel reflected the other buildings and the light."

He continues to talk about reflection while showing me a particular photograph. “In this one, you see the reflection from a door and from the building. Here we see the reflection from the opposite building.” I tell him this is just like an optical illusion. He nods and continues; “You can see two buildings at the same time. You wonder how this is possible? Well, it's the reflections at work.”

Overall, I really liked the exhibition. Hakan Yurdadoğan brings a new and exciting perspective to Manhattan. His exhibit, “Manhattan - the Magic of Steel and Glass” runs until April 17, weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the FADA art gallery.

Alev Değim (COMD/IV)

Former Bilkent Music Student Continues Studies at Yale


Eren Tuncer has been accepted to Yale University with a full scholarship after completing his under graduate degree at Bilkent University's Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. He will start his graduate study, focused on the viola, in the fall of 2009. Since 2007, Eren Tuncer has been studying the viola and violin as Dr. Selim Giray's assistant at Pittsburg State University.

Eren Tuncer started his violin education in 1996, in Bursa with Yusuf Hasanov. In 1997 he was accepted to Bilkent University's Music Preparatory School.  When  in Muhammedjan Turdiev's class at Bilkent, he performed during tours to Bursa, İzmir, Bolu and Konya before graduating with a High Honour Degree  in 2007.

SATM Instructors Enjoy Each Others Cooking at Annual Get-Together


While taking a break from lectures and mid-terms, the School of Applied Technology and Management Departments enjoyed a "pot luck" get-together on Wednesday, April 1. Now a School tradition, Hünerli Eller is a social event where instructors bring dishes they have prepared at home for everyone to enjoy. The event was held at Le Piment Rouge, the Tourism and Hotel Management Department's practice restaurant during lunch time. Instructors of Business Information Management (BIM), Computer Technology and Information Systems (CTIS),Tourism and Hotel Management (THM) and Tourism and Hotel Services (THS) delved into some delicious dishes and had the chance to relax and talk about their courses, students and projects.

Meeting Obama: A Personal Triumph


When I heard the news that I might be able to meet President Obama, I initially thought it might be a joke since it was almost April 1. That the news came from a very reliable source, the Graduate School of Education, helped me prepare myself for a real meeting. I went to the American embassy in Ankara and they provided flight tickets and accommodation in Istanbul. After going through tight security, there I was, sitting in Tophane-i Amire, waiting for the President.

The reason I was there was because I am the group leader of the Turkish Student Teacher Internship Program (TSTIP) for 2009, a program that allows Turkish teachers the chance to teach in the USA. I represented Bilkent University along with International Relations student Arda Bilgen. Most of the students who attended had been granted Fulbright Scholarships, and came from various parts of Turkey. Fulbright, for the most part, chose which students would attend the meeting.

President Obama started  with a speech emphasizing the political and strategic partnership between Turkey and the US. He made use of symbols such as “'building bridges instead of walls’”to convey his message of the need for dialogue and bilateral relations. In my opinion, the most impressive part of his speech was the emphasis he put on looking at issues and conflicts, such as the Isreali/Palestinian situation, from different perspectives.  In the second part of the meeting, he answered six questions from students regarding the major issues of Turkish foreign policy, such as in Northern Iraq, and international issues like global warming and US foreign policy. He was confident, determined and personable while answering, which seemingly left a positive impression on students. He did make it clear, however, that political change can't happen over night and time will be needed.

I felt extremely happy to meet President Obama in person and shake hands with him. I was able to extend regards on behalf of the people of Iowa, as this is where Obama started his campaign and where our program took place; he was very pleased to hear that. I would like to thank all, particularly Rector Prof. Ali Doğramacı, Dr. Margaret Sands and the Graduate School of Education, who provided me the opportunity to take part in this meeting; an experience that has been a highlight in my life.

Eser Ari
(English Teacher Education/ V)

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