Volume 15, Number 5
October 21, 2008

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New Season for BSO Under Maestro Klaus Weise

klausAt 72 years old, Maestro Klaus Weise, the new conductor of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (BSO), could probably retire. He has had an impressive career conducting throughout Europe, the US, Israel and Asia. However, conducting keeps him young, and he isn't ready to quit and sit in front of the TV just yet.

He has found rejuvenation at Bilkent, a place that he so far likes a great deal. As he said, "I have only been here a short time, and I already have friends." expressing how warm and friendly people are in Turkey.

Since the 1970's, he has worked as a professor of conducting, has had an international career in Opera conducting, and has worked as a Music Director in Nice, France and Sevilla, Spain. He has conducted for the Madrid State Orchestra, the Spanish Radio Orchestra, the Sao Paulo Orchestra, and Yomuiri Nippon Orchestra in Tokyo. He has also received praise from the international media.

Performances by the BSO have been selling out this season, so be sure to get tickets for shows you want to see as soon as possible. If everything goes well, as Maestro Weise pointed out, if the demand is there, and they can sell 500 tickets, there is no reason not to add a second performance in a weekend. Time will tell.

klausAfter a highly successful opening performance on October 17, Maestro Weise will hand over the baton for the next event in the BSO schedule, Friday, October 24 at 8:30 p.m. at the Bilkent Concert Hall. The program will feature "Mozart and The Turks," a moderated concert supported by the Austrian Embassy, featuring guest conductor Ervin Würdinger, Toğrul Ganioğlu on violin and Nadja Kayalı as moderator.

To find out more on Maestro Weise, upcoming performances and how to get tickets, visit www.bso.bilkent.edu.tr.

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