Volume 15, Number 5
October 21, 2008

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New Season for BSO Under Maestro Klaus Weise


At 72 years old, Maestro Klaus Weise, the new conductor of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (BSO), could probably retire. He has had an impressive career conducting throughout Europe, the US, Israel and Asia. However, conducting keeps him young, and he isn't ready to quit and sit in front of the TV just yet.

He has found rejuvenation at Bilkent, a place that he so far likes a great deal. As he said, "I have only been here a short time, and I already have friends." expressing how warm and friendly people are in Turkey. (continues)

Distinguished American Poet at Bilkent


The Department of American Culture and Literature, and the Department of English Language and Literature are proud to present American poet Jerome Rothenberg. He is the author of over seventy books of poetry, some of which are: "Poems for the Game of Silence;" "Poland/1931;" "A Seneca Journal;" "Vienna Blood;" "That Dada Strain;" "New Selected Poems 1970-1985;" "Khurbn," and most recently, "A Paradise of Poets" and "A Book of Witness." He has also edited seven major assemblages of traditional and contemporary poetry. Just a few examples of these include: "Technicians of the Sacred," tribal and oral poetry from Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania; "Shaking the Pumpkin," traditional American Indian poetry; and "Revolution of the Word," American experimental poetry between the two world wars. (continues)

Take the Advantage of Bilkent’s Growing International Partnerships and Programs

Bilkent University continues to have a growing reputation abroad. There are many top ranking universities seeking to establish partnerships with Bilkent for cooperation in student and faculty exchanges as well as to collaborate in joint programs and research projects.

As recently as last week, Rector Ali Doğramacı and Deans Mehmet Baray, Hasan Erten and Erdal
Erel, along with several faculty members, hosted delegations from the Shanghai University of Economics and Finance in China and Ajou University in Korea. Thirteen representatives of French universities also visited last week to strengthen existing partnerships and explore possibilities of new partnerships for exchange and joint programs.

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The Global Financial Economic Crisis: A Bilkent Perspective


On Tuesday, October 14, Bilkent University's Economics Department held a symposium about the recent US mortgage-based crises in the financial sector and its impact on Turkey. Three Departmental professors - Assistant Professor Selin Sayek-Böke, Assistant Professor Refet Gürkaynak and Professor Erinç Yeldan - shared their ideas, experiences and solutions with a large, enthusiastic audience.

Selin Sayek-Böke spoke first, providing the main outline: Why the financial crisis occurred, and what actions the US, the EU and Turkey have taken to diminish the effects. Her presentation, "(Is) The World Changing and What About Us?" provided an overview of the mortgage crisis, what the world has done to solve the problem, and looked at the effects on Turkey. She expressed her uneasiness, feeling that with each hour's newscast: "Oh My God! The world has gone bankrupt!" She looked at the situation using a school game-Who, with Whom, and Where. The "Who" and "with Whom" are countries like the US and those in the EU, the "Where" is within the housing and credit markets, and the "real" sector. When real estate prices went down, the mortgage crisis kicked in. People stopped paying their debts to banks. (continues)

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