Volume 15, Number 5
October 21, 2008

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Faces on Campus

Name: Damla Yılmaz
American Language and Literature (IV)
İstanbul, Orhan Pamuk
"I was suprised at his pesimistic outlook."
"Sweet November"
"The perfect season to fall in love."
"Sex and the City"
"A good handbook on women for men."
Aerosmith- "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
"A classic song."

Name: Ricardo Amberg (Left)
Department: Management (Exchange)
Book: "The Bourne Identity," Robert Ludlum
"Very well written, much more captivating than the movies."
Movie: "Pride and Prejudice"
"Love it! Great British English story."
TV: "The Simpsons"
"Really funny!"
Music: Jack Johnson
"Reminds me of holiday memories."

Name: Peng Meng-Yu (Right)
Department: English Literature (Exchange)
Book: "Alice in Wonderland"
"I loved the cartoon."
Movie: Babam ve Oğlum
"It made me cry. A very touching and inspiring story."
TV: "Gossip Girl"
"Interesting. I watch it without thinking."
Music: Tchaikovsky
"I like his compositions."

By Sera De Vor (AMER/IV)

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