Volume 15, Number 5
October 21, 2008

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Find Out What the Future Can Hold: Apply for a Mentor

mentorlukA whole new life starts after graduation. Finding a proper job in the private or public sector becomes very important. A little guidance and some sound advice could make it easier to cope with job seeking.

It is for this reason that the Mentorluk Programı (Mentorship Program), organized by BilMed, the Career Development and Placement Center (CDPC), Mezunlar Merkezi (Alumni Center) and Gönüllü Mezunlar (Volunteer Alumnus) started on October 13.

The aim of the program is to match students up with Bilkent graduates who can share experiences from their professional life and help students make the right decisions for their own futures.

This program is available to all Bilkent graduates and students still living in Turkey, and abroad. More information and program application forms are available at www.bilmed.org.tr. Forms are to be sent to mentor@bilmed.org.tr. After evaluating the forms, a proper Mentor/Mentee match will be made.

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