Volume 15, Number 6
October 28, 2008

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Faces on Campus

Name: Nikolay Viskuşenko
Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Grad)
Book: “Kar,” Orhan Pamuk
"It makes me to think"
Movie: "La Vita e Bella"
"Movie shows a drama from another angle, great movie, casting."
TV: “ How I Met Your Mother"
"Their friendship is awesome, characters are funny."
Music: Adamo-"Tombe la Neige", "I like old songs"

Name: Büşra Zorba (Left)
Department: Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education (II)
Book: “Siyah Kan,” Jean- Cristophe Grange
"I like murder, crime novels"
Movie: "Big Fish" / "It is about family"
TV: "Prison Break"
"It's gripping with lots of adventure"
Music: Evanescence- "Call Me When You are Sober" / "Very emotional"

Name: Nisa Erpamuk (Right)
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (II)
"Kralın Soytarısı"
"It is gripping and historical"
" The Other Boleyn Girl"
"It is historical"
" How I Met Your Mother"
"It is very funny"
Emre Altuğ- "Süpriz"
"Lyrics are beautiful"

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