Volume 15, Number 6
October 28, 2008

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85th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic


Happy Republic Day!

Conference on the "Prague Spring" and Alexander Dubcek Held at Bilkent


The 40th anniversary of the "Prague Spring" was commemorated at Bilkent University, with a conference titled "Democracy Deprived." A photographic exhibition titled "Alexander Dubcek in Ankara and Prague Spring, plus a charity concert organized by the Rotary Clubs of Çankaya and Yıldız were also held. The events were the culmination of a joint effort between the Austrian, Czech Republic and Slovak embassies.

Esra Doğramacı presided over the conference as Master of Ceremonies on behalf of the Department of International Relations. Süleyman Demirel, the 9th President of Turkey, delivered the keynote address reflecting on the meanings of democracy and liberalism, and how Turkey provided an intellectual arena for Czechoslovakia, Slovakia and other countries suppressed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War era in Europe. President Demirel then discussed the meanings of the events of 40 years ago for current times. Pivotal historical events such as the “Prague Spring,” he said, could be understood in the expression, "You can crush the flower but you cannot stop the Spring." (continues)

Bilkenters Run For Republic's 85th Anniversary

metin gürses & tuğrul dayar

On Saturday, October 25, at 11 a.m., hundreds of Bilkenters of all ages - runners, joggers and walkers - gathered in front of the East Campus lake for a run celebrating the 85th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. The participants covered an approximately 4km course from East Campus to Main Campus.

An awards ceremony then took place in the Main Campus Sports Hall, where the winners received trophies.

Here is the full list of winners in all categories of the Republic Run 2008: (continues)

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High Quality White Light Emitters on the Cover

top scoring
At Bilkent University, the interdisciplinary collaborative research activities between the laboratories of Asst. Prof. Dr. Dönüş Tuncel of the Department of Chemistry, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Hilmi Volkan Demir from the Departments of Physics,and Electrical and Electronics Engineering, led to the recent discovery of a new class of high quality white light generating polymer emitters that achieve high color rendering index and high fluorescence quantum efficiency for white LED based solid state lighting. This research work includes the conception, design, synthesis, fabrication, and characterization of the emitter material and device system at Bilkent. These white emitting luminophors are made of azide functionalized polyfluorene derivatives. By design, these polymer emitters opportunely employ cross-linking for the generation of a very broad down-converting fluorescence across the entirety of the visible in the solid film on the LED. The results of this research work have recently been selected and highlighted on the inside cover by the editorial board of Journal of Materials Chemistry (vol. 18, page 3568-3574, 2008). The invention of this new material system and its use in solid state lighting is also now in the patent application process.

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