Volume 15, Number 6
October 28, 2008

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Third Annual Cumhuriyetin Geleceğinde Gençler
Seminar Series Underway

Genç Aydınlanma Kulübü has arranged a series of seminars called Cumhuriyetin Geleceğinde Gençler 3, which began October 22 and will continue through to November 10.

This year participants will get certificates from four seminars they attend. Last year, in addition to the symposiums, there was a movie night entitled Kurtuluş Film Gecesi, which lasted until morning, when a group of people went to the Mausoleum. The event will be repeated again this year.

Some of this year's guests include: Banu Avar; Erhan Göksel, who, on October 22, delivered a lecture on foreign policy, the economic crisis, and unstable balances; and Alev Alatlı who will give a seminar on degeneration in politics on October 28. Hikmet Sami Türk will present a seminar on November 3 in the C-Block Auditorium at 12:40 p.m. on politics and judgment.

All are invited to this seminar series by Genç Aydınlanma Kulübü, entitled Cumhuriyetin Geleceğinde Gençler 3 which ends November 10. Updates about the event can be found at www.gencaydinlanma.org or on bulletin boards around campus.

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