Volume 15, Number 6
October 28, 2008

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The Runaway Sheep

yigit turhanLuxurious Sins of a Trendsetter

Madonna was condemned for her outrageous song in which she stated that as everyone was living in a material world, she was just another material girl. But condemnation is never an accusation, but a rejection of self-confrontation. So the next time someone questions your ethics or raises eyebrows at your tastes or choices, control your anger, take a deep breath and just have pity on this person who is too weak to act the way s/he wants to. So the ones who were going red-faced at the lack of ethics between the verses of Madonna's lyrics are now watching "The Fabulous Life Of..." on VH1 and daydreaming of being able to taste the golden ice cream or take a nap at the luxurious spas of Morocco, being massaged by professional masseurs.

Here are the weekly luxurious sins of a trendsetter... like Y O U.
Go, get working! Study a lot! And hopefully you'll find yourself swimming in an ocean exclusively "designed" for you, with the fish of your choice! Wouldn't that be just amazing?

For those sport freaks, or even better, for those who are not but who are willing to do anything that involves fashion and trends, I am proud to present you sports equipment designed by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld (famed for his use of black and white, which, suprise, these items are in) for Chanel. For an anti-sportive "moron" like me who can't even hold a racket straight, or worse, always accomplishes to hit the ball straight at the groin of the rival, I guess there's no better cure to get my concentration a little bit higher than the marvellous black, black, pitch black Chanel rackets!

If you've hit the gym recently, you've probably seen scraps of newspapers all over the bulletin boards that underline the importance of calcium in the process of muscle building. They either advise one huge glass of milk or half a bucket of ice-cream as soon as you return home. But, for the light-hearted, fat-walleted ones, there's never a "too expensive" source of calcium. The Serendipity of NY serves the most expensive ice-cream in the world with 23K edible gold leaves. Gold - better in your stomach than in your bank account.

The list will go on (and on and on, well hopefully until January and no more! I'd like to graduate... yes, thank you!) however, just to add a little touch of "ethics" into this column full of glam and glitter (It's not as if I'm writing for Vogue... not yet!), I'd like to include a thing money can't possibly buy. It's the taste you create as the flavor of your life. At the end of the day, happiness -thankfully- doesn't hide in the golden layers of some American ice-cream, but in your hobbies. If you smile and have a good time just running around singing at the top of your lungs (I so want to, but even the deaf can't handle my voice!), then lucky you are! Read about the trends, shock yourself a little, then just laugh at them as silly fantasies. But then again, don't we all try to reach our fantasies?

Yiğit Turhan (EE/IV)

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