Volume 16, Number 21
March 16, 2010

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Judges Crush Cats in Season's First Victory


The Bilkent Judges opened the new season of the American Football League by beating Ankara University's the Ankara Cats 22-0. The game took place last Saturday on the Main Campus Grass Field at Bilkent.

The Judges had a flying start in the first quarter, taking the lead with 6-0. Murat Köksal, a freshman, made the first touchdown in the first quarter. The Judges showed their quality in both offense and defense carrying on with a successful performance in the second quarter. Before half time the Judges continued to lead 14-0 with one touchdown and one extra point. After half time, the Cats looked more resistant than in the first half of the game. However, the Judges again made a touchdown and an extra point in the third quarter, putting the score to 22-0. In the last period, the Cats tried to get their first points in the game but failed. The Judges' defensive players resisted very successfully against their opponents and did not allow them to reach the goal line.

After the match, all players celebrated this great victory with crowds of supporters. During the celebration, Judges coach Erkan Akçabay spoke about the first game of the season.

“I congratulate the players and thank the supporters for attending the game," he said.

"The date of the second match against Bilgi University is not yet finalized, but will be soon.”

Yiğit Binici, director of the team, also said he was very happy with the score and the players' performance.

“I'm proud to be a part of the team,” he said.

judgesNuri Akçam (team captain), Ertuğrul Toker (offense captain) and Erinç Yaylalı (defense captain) all agreed that although they are a new squad, they have worked hard for seven months. They are all very happy for the victory for this first game to kick off this season. They aim to put one step more on the last year's success which was to reach the final four, and want to win the championship by continuing their hard work.

Bilkenters await new victories from the Judges in coming games and wish them a successful season.

Mehmet Ali Salman (MAN/II)
Bilkent News

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