Volume 16, Number 21
March 16, 2010

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Journal of Turkish Literature's Elif Şafak Special Issue

Elif ŞafakBilkent's Center for Turkish Literature has published the 6th annual issue of its Journal of Turkish Literature, the world's only English-language scholarly journal devoted entirely to Turkish literature. JTL 6 is designed as the “Elif Şafak Special Issue,” featuring five critical articles on Elif Şafak written by American and Turkish literary scholars. It also includes a 12-page exclusive interview with Şafak, where one can read the author's comments about her novels, Turkish culture and literature, and her observations on world fiction. Another special feature is an interview with Yaşar Kemal, who reminisces about his life and works, as well as his encounters with Nazım Hikmet and other writers.

The issue includes an article by Prof. Pierre MacKay on the “real and the imaginary travels” of Evliya Çelebi, a Moris Farhi article on Orhan Kemal, a review of “Voice of Hope” (a major study of the Turkish poet Gülten Akın), and the obituary of Irène Mélikoff, a master of Turkology, who died in 2009.

The 160-page issue is available for purchase at the Center for Turkish Literature: Faculty of Humanities and Letters room no: 247, Phone: ext. 2317, e-mail: temerkez@bilkent.edu.tr

Career Fair Hosted 37 Firms

career fair

The 12th Annual Career Fair was held last Thursday in the Main Sports Hall.
With 37 companies  represented, students were rushing around with their CVs while collecting pamphlets. Stands were set up where students had the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and even fill out on-the-spot applications. Many Bilkenters showed up to see human resources representatives from a variety of big companies speak about full-time career options, as well as internship programs. The organization especially attracted third  and fourth year students, for they had the chance to present their CVs, planting the seed for possible career paths in the future.
Bilkent News asked what Bilkenters thought about the annual fair and whether they had further expectations from the event:

Gül Güneyligil / ECON IV
“I find the career fair very beneficial and helpful for students.It gives us a great chance of getting to know the biggest companies and their policies. Last year, I  applied for an internship program which lead to an interview. It helped me to become familiar with recruitment policies.”

Ahmet Sarp / MAN IV
“This fair is very advantageous for us, as we are able to talk directly with the representatives. Personally, I think meeting them in person is more useful than getting information from company websites. Here, we can learn what kind of qualifications they expect from the applicants and what we can do in order to prepare ourselves for our future jobs.”

Ayça Temuçin / LAW III
“I am very pleased to have such a great event at Bilkent. It helped me get to know the internship programs, the requirements they want, at which positions we can work and how we can apply for them. As a junior, I have started to make plans for my future and the Career Fair is a good way to start.”               

career fairİdil Akgün / ETE IV
“In general, this fair helped me to see the job opportunities from different sectors, but as a student from the faculty of education, I don't think it is very beneficial for me. As it is, the Career Fair focused too much on corporate level jobs, and I hope to see more from different areas.”

Nur S. Selamoğlu / LAW III
“I am attending the fair for the first time this year and now understand why it is such an important occasion for Bilkenters. There are some companies here that I have never heard of, in that sense this fair contributes a lot to us for getting to know the sector. However, I think just one day is not enough for such a big event, maybe it should be extended to a few days. This will also help students find more time to discover their paths in their career.”

Bilkent Cyberpark Patent Office Launches

Bilkent Cyberpark

The Bilkent Cyberpark Patent Office  launched with the partnership of Ankara Patent Office on February 1, 2010, to support patent applications of Bilkent Cyberpark enterprises, Bilkent University faculty and students, and answer questions about intellectual property rights.

A patent agent from the Ankara Patent Office will be available at the Bilkent Cyberpark Administration Office every Tuesday between 3:30 p.m.-5 p.m. To schedule an appointment with a patent agent, please contact Emine Korkmaz (emine.korkmaz@cyberpark.com.tr) at least one day before the requested appointment date.

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” at Bilkent

dorianOscar Wilde's “The Picture of Dorian Gray” will be staged on March 29-30-31 and April 1-2 at the Bilkent Theatre Hall, 8 p.m. by TNT theatre Britain.

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” is Oscar Wilde's masterpiece, the work in which he shockingly reveals himself and his ideas on life and art. TNT and ADGE explore the book through a careful dramatization of the original text. Like the novel, this play is many things: a Gothic horror story, a Faust legend, a social drama of Victorian London, a love story (or two), a meditation on life and art, and a witty comedy and murder thriller. The production explores all these genres, using many of the conventions of Victorian popular theatre, highlighted by a specially composed musical score, in the manner of Victorian melodrama or the piano scores of the silent movies.

The production focuses on the main characters of Dorian, Lord Henry (the Mephistopheles figure), Sybil Vane the actress who kills herself for love, and the doomed painter Basil Hallward.

Oscar WildeBy stripping away minor characters as much as possible, we enable the audience to follow the themes and ideas in the work with great ease.

The production is fast moving and dynamic, whilst staying close to Wilde's original ideas and language. The tragedy of Dorian is in many ways the tragedy of Oscar Wilde's own life.

The novel is adapted and directed by Paul Stebbings, whose award winning productions have been seen in some forty countries on three continents. Music is by Paul Flush, a well known pianist and composer, responsible for many of the company's music theatre productions. The performers are professional actors recruited in London.

For more information and for the tickets of the play contact Steve Wale (539) 302-8435 or email sjwyawata@hotmail.com (only in English).

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