Volume 16, Number 21
March 16, 2010

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Womanly Touches on Paper 2010

kutluayMarch 8 marked International Women's Day, the perfect time for the opening of the art exhibition “Womanly touches on Paper.” 

The artistic talent on display was a celebration of women and the beauty they can create.

One of the artists was Aslı Kutluay, who earned her master's degree from the Department of Graphic Design from Bilkent University. She says she draws best while listening to music. For her music is able to bring out the soul to help her draw what she feels in the music. Currently, she is doing research on the Anatolian women in Turkey, to base her future paintings on.

Aslı KutluayAlmıla Kursar Kuş, a Marmara University graduate, had similar reasons for focusing on women in her art.

“I concentrate on drawing women because I feel it's a 'must',” she said. “It is my sex. I've been inspired by women after the 1950s because that was when the role of a woman was taken into consideration and climbed the ladder toward greater significance.”

In one of her pieces, a woman holds a baby with one hand while the other points like a gun to her head. This picture poses the question, “would I go crazy if I had a baby?”

For Kutluay and Kuş drawing women is important to show the importance of a woman's role in this world.

İrem Esen (MAN/III)
Bilkent News

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