Volume 16, Number 8
November 10, 2009

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Turkish Connections in California


It was like they never left Turkey. With meze and tea served before them, Bilkent University alumni in the California Bay Area had a taste of home away from home. Thirty seven alumni gathered at the California Cafe of Palo Alto, next to Stanford University on Friday, 16 October for reminiscing and networking.

During the meal alumni mingled and listened to a variety of speakers. Department of Industrial Engineering Chair İhsan Sabuncuoğlu gave a keynote address to update alumni on life back on the Bilkent campus.

Alper Turgut (EE/‘93) shared with his peers his journey from Bilkent to become CEO of Anvanta, Inc.

Bilkent 2007 alum Emin Okutan also spoke about his experience working with the Bilkent Alumni Center and presented ideas he developed for business collaboration between alumni companies in the U.S. and Bilkent’s Cyperpak inTurkey.

Attendees of the event also watched a video of last year's Erzurum High School students visiting New York City.

Bilkent Alumni Center North America Director and 2007 Bilkent graduate Karalyn Watson (M.A./IR) organized the event with the help of Emin Okutan.

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