Volume 16, Number 8
November 10, 2009

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Adam Fawer Visits Bilkent

adam fawerThe Department of American Culture and Literature was very pleased to welcome to Bilkent on November 4 the best-selling American novelist, Adam Fawer. Fawer’s first novel “Improbable” has been translated into eighteen languages and won the 2006 International Thriller Writers Award for best first novel. His second novel “Empathy” was published in 2008 in German, Japanese, and Turkish.

Fawer gave a short talk in the C-Block Auditorium about his journey to become a writer. Highly-educated, Fawer received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Stanford University. He was in the middle of a very successful business career working for J.P. Morgan when his friend Stephanie was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Fawer realized how short life was, and quit his job to begin writing. After having his manuscript initially rejected and after completely rewriting it, a publisher finally accepted Improbable.

Fawer was visiting Turkey for the first time to attend the İstanbul Book Fair. Noting that his second novel Empathy had been hugely successful in Turkey, and not even published in the United States, Fawer concluded that Turkish readers were clearly the best in the world!

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