Volume 16, Number 8
November 10, 2009

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The IEEE Extreme Programming Competition

ieeeEvery year, IEEE holds its IEEEXtreme competition, a 24-hour online programming race. It encourages students with programming skills to participate in a large scale international competition. Nearly 700 teams from over 40 countries participate, and the only prerequisite is IEEE membership.

IEEEXtreme provides students with a unique and fun learning experience, while giving a chance to compete with teams made up of students from around the world in a global event. Within 24 hours, the participants are expected to solve different algorithm questions of varying difficulty. They get points for their solutions. Last week, starting on Saturday, October 24, 00:00:00 UTC, the IEEE Extreme programming competition took place in Bilkent University at the Fine Arts Faculty Computer Labs, organized by Bilkent IEEE Student Branch Computer Society. From Bilkent University, several groups challenged one another to demonstrate their programming skills. After the exhausting competition, they reached the end on Sunday, October 25, 00:00:00 UTC. The "Barcode" from the Bilkent groups won them 12th place worldwide. IEEE expect to see more candidates next year.

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