Volume 16, Number 8
November 10, 2009

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Silver, Stone and Fire at the Library Art Gallery

sinem özgünThe Bilkent University Library Art Gallery launched a new jewelry exhibition on Thursday, November 5, featuring the works of Sinem Özgün Köymen and Karin Koch.

Sinem Özgün Köymen, likes to explore what can be done with silver, stone and fire. She brings the spirit of precious and semi-precious stones to light with her artistic expertise.

Karin KochKoch was born in Germany, but spent 25 years moving around the globe. Her works reflect an enchanting exceptionality, most probably derived from the various cultures she has experienced and absorbed.

A few minutes at the Library Art Gallery might be the perfect way to clearyour mind and escape the hectic pace of academic life. The exhibition can be seen until November 10, daily between 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. including Sundays.

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